Organize tabs.
Split up your work.
Switch between tasks.

Your browser should work to help you become productive.
Partizion fills in the gap. Organize, find, and manage your work in the browser.

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Create custom Workspaces

Everyone uses a web browser for different reasons. Mixing up your work, personal, and other projects is frustrating and chaotic.

Create custom workspaces where you can completely partition the things you work on.

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Save tabs for later

Create collections of tabs to access at anytime. Easily separate your work, tasks, or projects into groups of tabs.

Achieve absolute focus on the task at hand and don't waste anytime switching between tasks.

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Context switching made simple

Instantly switch to pre-configured groups of tabs. Simply save the tabs you want to open later to a collection. Never worry about losing tabs again.

All your work, available.

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Used by productivity enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes

As a freelancer, Partizion is great as it helps me to quickly switch back and forth between groups of tabs that I use for different jobs.
Christian, videographer and producer
I really like Partizion, it's a great tab manager that helps me organize the millions of tabs I have open
Uchenna, Developer
Partizion helps me save tabs to organized lists for me to reference later. The Partizion team has been extremely open to feature suggestions and has continually improved their product!
Hannah,  designer

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