Partizion is a small startup on a mission to make working in the browser delightful. Thats it.

Let's face it, working in the browser can be overwhelming.

Having too many tabs open and not being able to find tabs are common occurrences. Keeping tabs open (Reading lists, email, web apps, google searches, social sites, links your friends shared, etc.) is natural by design. Browsers were built to let you 'surf the web', and thats it — In other words, it's very easy to open content with a browser. It's not so easy to organize it.

Decluttering, partitioning (separating work from personal from side-project, etc.), finding, reopening, sharing, switching contexts, and collaborating in the browser is damn near impossible.

Partizion is on a mission to make working in the browser simple, fast, productive, and enjoyable.

I’m Matthew, the founder. I was tired of having 76 tabs open, tried every solution on the market and decided to build it myself.

Since launching I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback and encouragement. It is very motivating for me to keep improving the product and implement new features.

Right now, Partizion is paid only. That means that the development, maintenance, and support is all powered by and guaranteed by Partizion’s awesome users. Unlike most extensions and “free” apps, Partizion is in it for the long haul — that means no ads, no nefarious background activities, no selling or sharing data, and most importantly, it means Partizion will be around in a year from now and won't just be abandoned for lack of support.

I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you who even just give Partizion a try, it helps immensely. Your feedback and support will drive the continuous improvement of Partizion.

I look forward to what we will build in the future.

Thank you!

- Matthew,