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July 22, 2021
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Better alternative to bookmarks | Partizion

Bookmarks are an awesome feature. However, as you work more in the browser, bookmarks inevitably fail you. There is no organization, your bookmarks bar overflows, and ultimately bookmarks weren't built for collaboration or productivity. We cover what you can do/use instead of the built in browser bookmarks feature.

Most browsers have a Bookmark feature, which simply allows you to save links. You can even group Bookmarks into folders. When your Bookmarks inevitably grow, you can nest Bookmark folders within Bookmark folders.

However, your bookmarks bar begins to overflow and becomes more distracting and bloated than useful.

Chrome Bookmarks Bar full
Too many Bookmarks

Furthermore, you have no way of grouping or organizing your bookmarks based on what you work on; For example, you might have Work, School, a side-project, or another job that you work on. All these disciplines mix together into one messy and impossible to use Bookmarks bar. If you have too many bookmarks or are just tired of the chaotic jumbling of all your work together in your browser, maybe it’s time to try a bookmarks manager.

How browser bookmarks fall short

If you still aren’t convinced, or are wondering when you should seek an alternative to browser bookmarks, read on to discover how bookmarks are limiting you while working in the browser.

Overflowing bookmarks bar

We work in the browser almost daily. Saving tabs to read later, reference later, or just as frequently visited sites/apps is crucial to our workflow. However, as we save more links and are involved in more projects things tend to build up. The default browser bookmarks just aren’t capable of suiting our needs. The bookmarks bar and page fill up and become impossible to navigate. If your bookmarks bar is overflowing, it’s time to switch to a bookmarks manager.

Bookmarks have no organization or discipline separation

If you do any work in the browser, it’s likely you work on more than one thing. Even if its just your work and your personal browsing, its nice to keep these things separate. When you have work, side-projects, small businesses, school, research, volunteering, and other involvements, using the bookmarks bar to save relevant links will surely lead to disaster. There is no way to organize, partition, or separate your bookmarks based on what you’re currently working on. You don’t want to see all your bookmarks when you’re just working on your side project.

If you work on more than one thing in the browser, using a bookmarks manager will help you stay focused and productive.

Bookmarks are for the individual

Bookmarks live in your (and only your) browser. This is fine for most things, and maybe even desired behaviour, except for when you want to share or collaborate on your work. With remote work becoming the de facto, sharing your work becomes a reoccurring daily task. Browser bookmarks just weren’t built for collaboration.

If you work in the browser, and need to share or collaborate on your work, you need to use a bookmarks manager.

Alternative to Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an awesome browser feature, except they were designed for the simplest use case. If you work in the browser, or have multiple things to work on (work, school, side-projects, second jobs, agencies to run, volunteer groups, etc.) then bookmarks just won’t work for you. You’ll need a Bookmarks manager.

Meet Partizion, a bookmarks manager built for work in the browser. Tab management, session management, multi-user support, and customization built in.

You can read more about why we built Partizion in our manifesto but in short: We built Partizion to help people work more effectively in the browser. We felt that the browser falls short in the one thing it should help us do — using tabs. So, we built Partizion for the busy individuals who work on many things and are tired of having too many tabs, too many bookmarks, and feel disorganized and distracted while working in the browser.

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Partizion is the most advance Tab and Session Manager extension for Chrome
Partizion the most advanced tab and session manager extension for Chrome. Manage Tabs, Save Session, and find any link or tab with search! Combat too many tabs with Partizion