Best Tab Managers for Chrome 2023

May 12, 2023
Best Tab Managers for chrome

If you always have too many tabs open, you might want to try using a Tab Manager for chrome. We've tried all the best tab managers and made a comprehensive list for you. The tab manager that is best for you depends on what you use chrome for, as well as your preferences. This list of the best tab managers for chrome will help you choose the perfect fit for your work style.

Tab Managers — also known as session managers and tab organizers — are not all made equal. There are plenty of great options, and we’ve listed the best tab managers for each type of work.

Best Tab Managers for chrome, categorized by use case

Working in chrome can become quite difficult and distracting if left to its own. Using a tab manager can help you keep you organized and efficient. We've created a list of the best tab managers categorized by use case so you can determine the best one for you.

Partizion — Best tab manager for Privacy and Productivity

If you do a lot of your work in chrome, Partizion is the best tab manager for you. It will help you organize your work stay more focused on your task/project at hand.

Save groups of tabs as collections and switch back to them or restore them in one click. Gone are the days where you need 5 windows with 100 tabs in each — use Partizion to split up your work (Work, personal, side-projects, etc.) and save collections of tabs/sessions to go back to later.

SessionBuddy — Best tab manager for sessions

If you simply want to save and restore sessions, SessionBuddy is a great option for this. SessionBuddy has been around for awhile and is the most popular session manager.

TabSnooze — Best tab manager for snoozing tabs

TabSnooze is a great option for someone who likes to keep certain tabs open all day, that they don’t reference frequently. With TabSnooze you can easily snooze those tabs and not worry about them eating up memory.

TooManyTabs — Best tab manager for previewing open tabs

TooManyTabs is great for previewing open tabs/links and seeing which windows they below to. If you’re anticipating having many windows and tabs open, maybe TooManyTabs can help you.

OneTab — Best tab manager for collapsing all open tabs

OneTab is the oldest tab manager and hasn’t really changed much. It’s great for collapsing all your open tabs into one window. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to collapse tabs, then OneTab is a great choice.

Toby — Best free/simple tab manager

Looking for a simple extension to just save some tabs? Then Toby is a great tool. If you don’t care about cloud backups and more advanced features, then Toby might be a good choice. It’s free and it’s simple, although it doesn’t get updated very often, and it seems its developers are no longer working on it.

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Partizion is the most advance Tab and Session Manager extension for Chrome
Partizion the most advanced tab and session manager extension for Chrome. Manage Tabs, Save Session, and find any link or tab with search! Combat too many tabs with Partizion