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January 27, 2021
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how to save multiple tabs in chrome

If you do most of your work in the browser, you know how frustrating it can be trying to manage the 10–20+ tabs you have open at all times.Things tend to get mixed up; The tabs you want to save to read later, the tabs you have open with your work and communication tools (Email, messaging, tasks, etc.), and the tabs you have for reference or information all mix together into one giant mess of tabs. Sometimes its best just to save and close the tabs you will need later and focus on the tasks at hand. Unfortunately, manually selecting and saving each individual tab is cumbersome, and in fact is the very reason everyone keeps so many tabs open. No one wants to click 184 times just to save a couple tabs.

Saving multiple tabs in Chrome / Bookmarking multiple tabs in chrome

Saving multiple tabs in chrome means you’re usually saving them to your bookmarks. If you want to save multiple tabs there are a couple of methods.

  1. In chrome, right click on the grey area at the top of your browser, to the right of your last tab and click “Bookmark all tabs..”

2. You can also use the chrome shortcut CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + D to bookmark all open tabs.

If your tabs bar is full, or your bookmarks have started filling up, you should consider using a tab manager like Partizion instead.

Saving multiple tabs in Partizion

There are a couple ways to save multiple tabs in Partizion.

First, from the extension icon in chrome, you can easily save tabs:

Saving tabs with Partizion extension
Saving tabs from the Partizion extension

Drag and drop tabs to save them or create a new collection

From your Partizion dashboard, you can drag and drop tabs into a workspace or collection.

Dragging in currently open tabs to save them

Create new collections by selecting tabs

Finally, you can select tabs from your currently open tabs to save them to a collection or create a new collection of tabs.

Creating a collection in Partizion by selecting tabs to save

Tab Triage

Staying organized and focused on the task at hand is simple: triage your tabs so that you can have peace of mind.

All you need is a method to save, organize, and close tabs so that you can put away the tabs you don’t need right now and use the ones that are important to what you’re working on in the moment.

When you find that you have a few tabs mixed in that you don’t need right now, want to read later, or just want to keep handy: save, close and organize them!

I know, doing that is easier said than done. This is why Partizion was built. A simple tab manager specifically for this. With work, personal, side projects, research, school, and freelancing becoming overwhelmed by tabs is almost inevitable.

Partizion helps you organize, find, and manage your tabs in the browser.

Saving, closing, and organizing your tabs is super simple! When you need to switch tasks, access a tab or group of tabs Partizion helps you surface the information you need instantly.

Context switching in Partizion. Quickly switch between groups of tabs with one click in Partizion.
Switching contexts in Partizion

Tab Productivity — or staying on top of the tabs you have open, and staying focused

Often times when you have too many tabs open its hard to find the tab you need in the moment. Maybe it’s the research paper you need to reference, the website you’re looking at, or the blog you’re reading. If you have so many tabs open that only the little icons show, you know the pain I’m talking about.

Luckily, searching and filtering currently open tabs as well as previously visited tabs is a cinch in Partizion:

Searching currently open tabs in Partizion

Keeping your browser decluttered

No one actually wants to have 30+ tabs open at the same time. The only reason some one keeps so many tabs open is for one of the following reasons:

  • They need the tab right now — it is pertinent to the task at hand
  • A tab that you want to read later (website, blog, article, or other resource)
  • A tab that has crossed into the current task (an urgent message, a link someone shared, a website you stumbled upon, a reminder or other cue to work on something else)

Recognizing the priority or subject matter of each tab is relatively easy — organizing, saving, and closing the tabs is hard. It is obvious when your work is mixed up, there is just no way to mitigate the chaos. People who work in the browser need a simple method/tool to help them organize, find, and manage their tabs. Partizion was built to do just this. A simple tab manager that helps you keep focused on the task at hand and keep your tabs decluttered.

Partizion has intuitive organization features and helps people who work in the browser save time with quick automations like saving tabs, closing them, and switching to another group of tabs in one click.

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Partizion is the most advance Tab and Session Manager extension for Chrome
Partizion the most advanced tab and session manager extension for Chrome. Manage Tabs, Save Session, and find any link or tab with search! Combat too many tabs with Partizion