Organize tabs and bookmarks in a List, Grid, or Kanban

September 8, 2021
bookmarks viewed in Grid, List, or Kanban

Bookmarking tools have been around for about as long as browsers have. They are an essential piece to browsing the web; Inevitably, when you open multiple sites and bounce between them, you want to save a few for later. Tools like Pocket and native browser bookmarking tools are great, but they tend to just pile up and become a unusable list of links. How can we prevent this and actually put to use our hard saved links and tabs? Use different views.

Viewing your bookmarks in different configurations can help you organize, prioritize, and find the links you need. With different views, you can create different workflows.

Many tab managers, bookmark managers, and link saving services have implemented novel designs, but Partizion is the first to allow you to create multiple views for the same set of links.

Each time you save a tab (or group of tabs), its much more beneficial to organize these tabs into a collection. That collection can represent anything: a session, a task, a client, a reading list, a collection of cool websites, recipes, etc. etc.

Further grouping these ‘collections’ becomes much easier with different views. For example, you might use a List to view all your saved sessions (groups of tabs that represent certain things that you were working on). You might use a Kanban board view to organize work to be done into three columns (todo, in progress, done). A gallery or Grid view is helpful for organizing a plethora of things: frequently access tabs or groups of tabs, collections of recipes, books, clothing, travel destinations, etc.

Partizion allows you to view the same saved collections/links in any configuration that you like.

Grid view of collections

Grid view in Partizion
Grid view in Partizion

Lists view of collections

Great for organizing and viewing your past sessions that you intentionally want to save.

List view in Partizion
List view in Partizion

Full view of collection

If you need a high level view of everything, use a “Full view”. This shows all your collections and all of their saved tabs. You can expand/collapse each collections and drag around tabs accordingly.

Full view in Partizion
Full view in Partizion

Kanban view

Great for managing work, tasks, or projects.

  • Create custom columns like “TODO”, “In Progress”, and “Done” to manage your work.
  • Drag and drop collections and tabs in between columns to manage your workflow
  • Open groups of tabs in one click
Kanban view in Partizion
Kanban view in Partizion

Partizion is the only Bookmark manager that allows you to view your collections of tabs as a Grid, List, Kanban, or Fully Expandable sections. Furthermore, each collection in Partizion is like a database, so you can create different views of the same database — meaning that the same data can be viewed with a Kanban or a List view or more…

Try Partizion to organize, find, and manage your work in the browser.

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Partizion the most advanced tab and session manager extension for Chrome. Manage Tabs, Save Session, and find any link or tab with search! Combat too many tabs with Partizion