Papaly down or too slow? Try Partizion

September 7, 2021
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Papaly down and too slow

Is Papaly down? If you can't access your bookmarks, you're hooped. Partizion is a faster, more reliable alternative to Papaly.

Papyal is a great Bookmark manager with some pretty neat features. However, Papaly is known to be very slow, and often goes down; Meaning you have no way of accessing your bookmarks.

Papaly has ads in your bookmark dashboard. This is fine for most, because a lot of people just want a free bookmark manager. Although, it can become a problem when you can’t access all your saved work, and is especially frustrating when it takes 10 seconds or more to load.

A Papaly review citing how slow it is
Another Papaly review highlightin the main CON — how slow it is

If you’re tired of spotty service and Ads, try Partizion — a productivity and privacy focused bookmark manager.

The best Papaly Alternative

Partizion is in some ways different than Papaly, but it offers all the great features that Papaly has, and more. You’ll find that it’s easier to work effectively and quickly in the browser with Partizion. Saving, organizing, and finding your tabs is easy.

How Partizion is different

Partizion is paid only. If you’re looking for free tab or bookmark manager, there are plenty out there. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, secure, fast, and privacy friendly bookmark manager, try Partizion. Partizion doesn’t have any Ads, doesn’t sell user data, and is supported by its wonderful community of users — meaning that you can expect fast and reliable service.

An Essential Tool for
Essentially Anything

Partizion is the most advance Tab and Session Manager extension for Chrome
Partizion the most advanced tab and session manager extension for Chrome. Manage Tabs, Save Session, and find any link or tab with search! Combat too many tabs with Partizion