March 8, 2021
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NEW VIEW! You can now view your collections of tabs as a Kanban in Partizion. Organize your work with kanban, visualize tasks, or group projects. There are many use cases for the Kanban.

Organize tabs with Kanban

Along with Grid and List views, you can now create Kanban boards in Partzion to organize your collections, and ultimately your work in the browser. Kanbans are great for task lists, agile management, columnar organization, and more. Create a Kanban to organize your work and collections in Partizion.

As you start to use Partizion more, you might want to create different workflows or ways of managing your work in the browser. Kanban is a great way to quickly organize tasks, projects, and initiatives in a simple board. Kanban is visually pleasing and intuitive to use. Collections are grouped into columns based on a property. Properties (right now single selects and multi-selects) can represent anything: Labels, categories, tags, status's, assignees, or anything else you'd like to use them for. For example, you might want to group your collections of tabs by their status. You would do this by creating a single-select property, naming it status, and then creating a Kanban view within Partizion grouped by your new status property.

Partizion Kanban
Kanban in Partizion

The possibly use cases are endless. Go ahead and try Kanban in Partizion today!

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