Privacy and Security — Partizion

Security and Privacy is one of our top priorities at Partizion. We’re a tab manager, session manager, and browser extension — our amazing users trust us to keep their data safe, and keep their data theirs.

We know how much people value their privacy because we’re those people. We’re not in the business of exploiting user’s data and we understand that if anything were to happen, we’d lose our users trust and our business all together.

That’s why we go to every effort to keep our users data secure by using industry standard privacy practices and the most robust data transportation and storage protocols.

Data Security

We use industry standard database, network, transport, and application layer security protocols to keep your data secure.


Your privacy is our priority. We don’t use any tracking, we don’t collect any more information than necessary, we don’t share, sell, or exploit any personal or user data, and your account data is yours. Meaning that only you can access it and you can request to retrieve it, change it, or delete it at anytime.

The only personal identifiable information we collect is your email and name. You of course can use a fake name and email forwarder if you wish — of course you’ll be greeted in Partizion by the name you enter ;)

Information Collected

We collect the bare minimum information to store and sync your data to the cloud. That means tab Titles, URLS, and Favicon Images. It’s pretty simple really. This data is only accessible by the account holder, and can be retrieved, deleted, or changed upon any request.

No Ads

We don’t sell Ads. We don’t and will never sell user data. We don’t track, share, or exploit user data in anyway, and we’re proud of the community we’ve built.

Zero Tracking

There is no tracking in the Partizion app or extension. We save groups of URLs so you can find and revisit them later. The cookies we do use, are industry standard authentication tokens that keep you, and only you, logged in to Partizion. This allows us to sync your data to the cloud and make it available to you on any device. We do not use or authorize any tracking pixels, cookies, or third party sites.


We backup your cloud data hourly. If disaster strikes, your data will be safe.

Why Partizion?

If you’re looking for a Tab Manager, Session Manager, or Bookmark Manager that is

  • 100% Private
  • Zero tracking
  • No Ads
  • Secure and only stores pertinent information
  • Configurable to your liking (use your data how you’d like to)

Then try Partizion.