Chrome Slowing down? The easiest way to speed up Chrome

July 16, 2023
Chrome slowing down? The simplest way to speed up chrome

Is your chrome slowing down? Is your laptop fan going crazy? Despite what mainstream sentiment would suggest, Chrome was actually built for speed and simplicity. Yet, it's typical to find ourselves lost in too many tabs and a slow, laggared chrome.

If you don’t have the fancy new M1 Macbook and just want to be able to use Chrome without being slowed down, you should try a Tab Manager instead.

Too many tabs is the main reason why Chrome slows down. Google has tried implementing tab groups and there are plenty of popular tab suspender extensions. However, these don’t address the root cause of Chrome slowing down; Your browser is cluttered and slow because you have too many tabs open.

In all likelihood, you use your browser for many different things. Work, personal, side-projects, school, etc. If you don’t separate what you work on, everything can get jumbled together and cluttered pretty quickly. A part from slowing down Chrome, this also makes it harder to find the tabs you need and stay focused on the task at hand. Grouping or partitioning your tabs into tasks, projects, sessions, or todos is the best way to keep your browser de-cluttered and fast.

This is exactly what a tab manager or bookmark manager is built for. To help you separate your work and save and restore sessions (a related group of tabs). Partizion is a productivity and privacy focused tab manager for Chrome. Designed and purpose built for exactly this.

So, how can Partizion help?

How Partizion can speed up Chrome

If you have 10–20+ tabs open, its slowing you and Chrome down. You don’t need to upgrade your computer, use a different browser, or even stop using resource heavy apps; You just need to separate your work.

It really is that simple. Let’s take the most basic case: Simona is a student who uses Chrome for browsing the web in her personal time and for studying / working on school projects.

Often times when she fires up chrome its slow and laggy because she has 30+ tabs open from the day before. Some of them are articles she wants to read later, some are links to important homework, and others she can’t remember why she’s kept them open. Furthermore, she has tabs from different classes, projects, and assignments open because she has no other way of keeping track of work. If she closes tabs, she’ll have to restart from the beginning. That means going to find each of those tabs and opening them one buy one.

Since she keeps all those tabs open, Chrome starts slowing down. Not only that, it becomes harder for her to reference her work, find the tab she needs, and work efficiently in the browser.

Instead, if Simona used Partizion, she could easily organize her work and only have the tabs that she needed for the particular thing she is working on open at any given time. This is means less tabs open, more focused work, and countless hours saved closing, opening, and navigating tabs.

Now, Simona can separate her work into “School” and “Perosnal”. She can further organize tasks, assignments, projects, and studying all within her School workspace. She keeps her reading list, funny videos, and shopping tabs all neatly organized and accessible within her Personal workspace.

Chrome is much faster and so is Simona because her work is organized, easy to find and restore.

Don’t take our word for it, Partizion users are becoming more productive after a couple days of using it!

A happy Partizion user

You can learn more about Partizion here, and download the chrome extension here.

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Partizion is the most advance Tab and Session Manager extension for Chrome
Partizion the most advanced tab and session manager extension for Chrome. Manage Tabs, Save Session, and find any link or tab with search! Combat too many tabs with Partizion