How to open multiple tabs in chrome

March 4, 2021
How to open multiple tabs in chrome

Opening links one by one, day after day, is a tiresome and fast way to lose focus. If you find yourself visiting the same sites, or keeping certain links open for certain tasks, then you need to learn how to open multiple tabs at once. Automating this process will help you become much more efficient in the browser and stay focused on your work. 

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Opening multiple tabs in chrome

While chrome does not offer a native method to opening multiple tabs, you can hack together chrome bookmarks to create tiny groups of tabs that can be opened at the same time.

You can create a bookmark folder in chrome and then when you need to reopen those links all at once you can click on that folder to open them all.

Create a bookmark folder in chrome

To create a bookmark folder in chrome, simply right click on the open space in the top of the browser, next to your last open tab. This will open a menu where you can select “Bookmark all tabs..”

Manually bookmarking all tabs in chrome

A faster way, is to just use the keyboard shortcut to create a bookmark folder in chrome: press Ctrl+Shift+D on Windows or Cmd+Shift+D on Mac to bookmark all of your tabs.

Keyboard shortcuts for creating a bookmark folder in chrome

Opening all tabs in a bookmarks folder

After you’ve created a bookmark folder, clicking on the folder in your bookmarks bar unfortunately just open up a menu with all the tabs in the bookmark folder. If you’d like to instead open all the tabs in the bookmarks folder right click on the folder and then select “Open all”.

A faster way is to use Cmd + Click on Mac or Ctrl + Click on Windows to immediately open all the tabs in the bookmarks folder. If you’re a mouse user, you can just click down on the scroll wheel while hovering over the bookmarks folder, and it will also open all the tabs in the folder.

The problem is your bookmarks bar just eventually fills up and becomes just as annoying to navigate as opening tabs/links one by one.

A full bookmarks bar

You also have little control over the organization, look, and feel of your bookmarks bar and folders.

Looking for a better way to manage tabs and bookmarks?

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Workspaces in Partizion

Organize your work by what you do (Eg. Work, Personal, School, Side-Project, etc.).

This is very helpful for people who do lots of work in the browser. Whether you’re a student or professor, entrepreneur, agency owner, developer, or just someone who has lots to organize, Partizion makes it very easy for you.

Partition your work into nice separate workspaces.

Groups of tabs are called collections. Great for saving your work, organizing and managing tasks, and keeping frequently visited groups of tabs a click away.

Groups of tabs in Partizion

If you want to be faster and more focused while working in the browser try out Partizion — the easy way to organize your work in the browser.

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