Learn what collections are in Partizion. Learn how to create, use, and update collections to maximize your productivity in the browser.


Collections are groups of tabs that can be opened in one click. Collections are great for storing a set of tabs that pertain to a certain task, project, or daily habit. Collections help you save time by picking up where you left off, quickly switching contexts, and not waste any time  finding and opening tabs.

When opening a collection you have a couple options:

You can open the tabs in the current window, which will add the tabs in the collection to your current browser window.
Adding a set of tabs in one click
You can open the tabs in a new window
Quickly open a new window with the tabs in a collection

OR you can replace the current tabs in your window with the tabs in the collection.

This is great for instantly switching contexts. (You switch tasks or projects, an urgent todo comes up, or you are just done with what you're working on and move on to the next thing).

Instantly switch contexts by closing all current open tabs and open a different set of tabs

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