Partizion Workspaces

Workspaces in Partizion are areas that hold the things you work on. Think of a workspace like a completely separate facet of what you do.

A workspace could be used for separating your browsing habits, tasks, projects and links. For example, you might create workspaces for "Work", "Personal", "Side Project 1", "Book I'm writing", "Reading", etc. The possibilities are endless.

Some example workspaces in Partizion

Why use workspaces?

No one can multitask, no matter what they tell you. Humans are more productive and successful when they focus on one thing at a time. By separating your work, you can easily drill down into what you need to work on and achieve maximum focus. This way, it also makes it seamless and enjoyable to switch between the things you work on — what we call workspaces. Use workspaces to organize and partition (See where we got the name from 😉) your work.

Creating Workspaces in Partizion

Simply click the "Create new workspace" button in the bottom left of the Partizion dashboard. From there, you can name and create a new workspace. After you create the workspace you can organize it in you list of workspaces (Just by dragging and dropping) and an even assign an emoji to differentiate the workspace and give it some personality.

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