Intro to Sessions

Learn about our NEW cloud synced sessions, adding another critical feature to the tab manager you already love.

We are excited to introduce our new cloud synced session manager. Partizion now automatically saves, caches, and syncs your sessions to the cloud so that they are available wherever you go.

Cloud Synced Session Manager

By default, Partizion will automatically save any sessions (windows) so that you don't have to. You no longer have to rely on chrome's (or any other browsers) shotty restore session/history functionality, which we all know to not be very reliable.

How does it work?

When you open a new window, Partizion will create a cached version of it on your device and saves it to the cloud so that if you forget to save your work, chrome/the browser crashes, or even your computer crashes, there will be a way to restore your browser session: Partizion's session manager.

How to view past browser sessions

To view your sessions, click the session's tab in the upper left hand side of the Partizion Dashboard. You'll be able to see a list of your most recent sessions and browser the tabs within them.

Power users: hit "G" then "S" to Go to Sessions quickly from anywhere in your dashboard.

Partizion's new Session Manager

You and press the arrow keys ↓ or "J" to move down (select the next session) and ↑ or "K" to move up (select the previous session).

How to restore or re-open past browser sessions

Restoring sessions in Partizion is fast and easy. Simply find the session you'd like to restore and click "Open", this will open the tabs from the session into your current window. If you'd like to open them in a new window, just hold SHIFT and then click on the "open" button. If you'd like close your current tabs and reopen the selected session's tabs, use the "switch to" button.

Not to worry: Partizion will also save and close the tabs you had open so that you can always return to them later if needed.

Restoring the same session, after you make updates or close the window, Partizion will automatically save your changes 💫

Switching between Partizion Collection's and Sessions

Partizion will now detect if you have a Collection open, and similar to any session, if you switch from a random unsaved session to a collection (or the other way around) your tabs will be automatically saved, so you never lose anything.

Session History

Sometimes we open a tab for a recipe, coding solution, a website with a lamp we like, or just something beautiful and forget to save it. Partizion will automatically version your sessions so you can browse your history too, the way it was meant to be browsed — you no longer have to look at one long list of previously open tabs (chrome history).

To view a session's history click the history icon in the top right corner of the sessions page, or, clicking the three dots menu, then click "Show session history" to view the Session's detailed edits. You can click on tabs to open them and even restore a particular session version if you like.

Power users: hit "H" on a selected session to quickly open its history.

Quickly saving and closing your session (Saving and close your browser window)

You can quickly save and close your current session by hitting CMD + SHIFT + . (that's a period) on Mac or ctrl + SHIFT + . on Windows. You can also customize this keyboard shortcut in your chrome extension keyboard shortcut settings.

Settings and Configuration

Sometimes you might not want Partizion to save all your sessions, there are a couple ways to disable this. First, Partizion will never save sessions in incognito mode (to open a new incognito window hit cmd + shift + N on Mac or ctrl + shift + N on windows).

Disabling automatically saved sessions

You can also disabled automatic session saving all together. Simply go to your settings, go to the "sessions" page, then disable the switch that says "Auto-Save Sessions".

Note: a session will still be saved if you manually click save and close, or if you use the switch to button on a collection so no tabs are accidentally closed.

Automatically clearing out old sessions

By default, Partizion will automatically delete sessions after 90 days, but you can configure this behaviour to your preferences; including automatically deleting sessions after 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or never.

Deleting Sessions

Simply click on the three dots more menu in the upper right hand side of the session's page on a selected session and then click "Delete Session". You can also right click directly on a session in the session list and perform the same action.


Can I view my sessions on another device?

Yes! Since Partizion syncs your sessions to the cloud, they'll be available in real-time on any other device.

I accidentally closed my current session when I used the "switch to" button, how do I get those tabs back?

No worries! Partizion automatically saves sessions when you use the "switch to" button. Just go to your sessions page and find the most recently close session, you can reopen individual tabs or all of them at once if you like.

How do I save a session as a collection?

Click the blue "New Collection" button in the top right of the sessions page on the selected session you wish to save / turn into a collection. Select the workspace you'd like to save it to and voila!

How do I restore a previous session version?

If you'd like to restore a session back to a previous version / state, simply find the desired version in the history list and click the blue "Restore" button at the bottom right. Partizion will restore the tabs present in that version.

Can I disable auto-synced sessions?

Yes, click the User menu > Click Settings > Click Sessions > turn the "Auto-Save Sessions" switch to OFF

Something we didn’t cover / have feedback?

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