Get a full tour of Partizion. Learn each element, nomenclature, settings, and customization.

What You'll learn 

In this guide, you'll get a full tour of Partizion and all of its elements. You'll learn our methodology behind its design and how it can help you become extremely productive when working in your browser.

Partizion has two main facets: The dashboard and the search app.

This is the Partizion dashboard, which can be set to open on every new tab if you like

These are your workspaces, use them to partition your work

This is a collection inside of a workspace → collections allow you to open a set of tabs in one click

This is the current open tabs menu → use this to manage and save open tabs

This is the Partizion Search app (Open by pressing CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + P)

We are building Partizion so that designers, developers, writers, managers, freelancers, videographers, and founders can be more productive in the browser. All of our work nowadays is done in a browser. Our browsers should work for us, not against us. Partizion is on a mission to make working in the browser more intuitive, powerful, enjoyable, and most importantly, productive.

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